Trogir - Šibenik- Kornati - 7 days sailing route

Spending your sailing vacation in Croatia can be fun-filled and memorable when you tour with our sailboats or motor-yachts. This is how you’re going to enjoy a 7-day sailing adventure to explore the Northern Dalmatia following our sailing route.

Northern Dalmatia is one of the best places to explore when you arrive in Croatia. It is a place to see lots of striking scenery, breathtaking national parks, and unspoilt islands. 

This coastal region is home to diverse historic coastal cities/towns, which you’re going to explore during your Croatian sailing holiday.

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Day 1

Day One: From Trogir to Primošten

Your sailing route starts from Split or Trogir and then to Primošten on the first day; you can stop at Marina Primošten. The city of Primošten is small; it lies in-between Šibenik and Trogir, on the Adriatic coast; spending a night in Marina Primošten is cool and friendly.
However, there are no much activities you can engage with, except chilling out in one of those exquisite hotels/restaurants you can find in the bay.

Marina Primošten harbour is one of the safest you’ll find in the city. This is just a good place to spend the first night of your sailing vacation in Croatia.

Day 2

Day Two: Sailing From Primošten to Skradin

After enjoying a perfect night rest at Marina Primošten, sailing continues the next day, unto Skradin –another small city, but with lots of recreational centres. At Skradin, you will stop at ACI Marina, which is one of the best marinas in town. 

There are lots of places to go and things to do in ACI Marina, Skradin. The marine is close to the infamous Krka waterfalls and national park. A night at the ACI Marina will leave you with lasting, interesting memories.

Day 3

Day Three: Skradin to Murter

Muter is an island in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia; it boasts of one of the best harbours where sailors can stop and enjoy good rest.

The third day of your sailing holiday in Croatia will have you spend a night at Marina Hramina.

This place is safe & secure; plus, there are lots of activities you can engage with, and lots of places you may want to visit.

Day 4

Day Four: Murter - Kornati (ACI Marina Piškera)

On the fourth day, you will sail from Muter to the Kornati, to stop at ACI Marina Piškera.

This stop location is safe & secure, and you could visit the popular Kornati National Park from here.

One thing you will find lovely while resting at this marina is the beautiful sunset view when you’ll see a lot of stars up in the sky.

Day 5

Day Five: Kornati to Kaprije

The fifth day will have you travel from ACI Marina Piskera in the Kornati to Buoy Field in Kaprije.

This Buoy Field is a place of attraction to sailors and expedites. It houses the best harbour facilities you will find in the city of Kornati.

Day 6

Day Six: From Kaprije to Maslinica or Sesula (Solta)

Your adventure to tour Northern Dalmatia gets more interesting on the sixth day. From the Buoy Field in Kaprije, you will either sail to Maslinica or Šešula (Šolta).

Maslinica is a port village on the island of Šolta in Split-Dalmatia County. It is occupied by a very few inhabitants and makes a safe place to stop and get some rest for the final day of your sailing tour. 

If the weather allows it you can anchor just outside of the marina.


Day 7

Day Seven: Sesula/Maslinica to Trogir/Split

Whether you sailed to Konoba in Sesula or Maslinica, on the seventh day of your sailing vacation, you will sail back to Trogir or Split, and this is the end of your sailing tour around Northern Dalmatia, Croatia.

Remember to bring your memories with you.

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