Dubrovnik vacation - 7 days sailing route

So you’ve heard about the unique beauties of Dubrovnik and decided that it is perfect for your next holiday destination.

Good choice!

We’ve created a an amazing sailing route for you to experience the best of what Dubrovnik and surrounding islands have to offer.

The most amazing set where I’ve shot ‘Game of Thrones’ is definitely Croatia, in Dubrovnik. It’s such a stunning country with lots of good watersports there as well. Just a beautiful, beautiful place.

Natalie Dormer
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Day 1

From Dubrovnik to Pelješac

On the first day of your vacation, we recommend you to take a short cruise trip from Dubrovnik to Pelješac peninsula.

The Pelješac peninsula is right between two Adriatic pearls, Split and Dubrovnik. Being the second-largest peninsula in Dalmatia it is blessed with a beautiful climate, which makes it ideal for vineyards and winemaking.

You can guess where we are going with this, right?

We recommend you to anchor in Kobaš bay, a nice bay with 3 restaurants with mooring buoys!

There you can spend a night enjoying in Pelješac beauty.

Day 2

From Pelješac to Mljet

On the second day of your holiday, you can continue your cruise from Pelješac to Mljet.

Mljet is one of the many Croatian islands which is also a national park, also known as the greenest island.

Mljet has some of the most beautiful beaches surrounded by beautiful forest.

We recommend you to anchor in Sobra bay which is very well protected from most winds.

We advise you to choose anchorage only after you check if the weather is fine.

Day 3

From Mljet to Korčula

Raising sails and moving on from an island like Mljet won’t be easy, but knowing that Korčula is your next destination makes everything much much easier.

Korčula is truly something special.

The architecture that dates back to the Venetian Renaissance, extraordinary beautiful bays, many restaurants with delicious Mediterranean food, great wine, and so much more. 

You will fall in love with it!

Day 4

From Korčula to Lastovo

Just when you think the things can’t get any better, you sail into Zaklopatica bay on island Lastovo.

Lastovo is yet another National Park that will swipe you of your feet with its unique landscape and the unthinkable beautiful night sky.

We guarantee that it will be the most stellar night sky you have ever seen.

Be prepared because it will take your breath away!

Day 5

From Lastovo to Polače (Mljet)

It is time to slowly head back from where you started.

But there are few more nice spot where you have to anchor – and the first one will be Polače bay.

 It is the largest and the safest bay on the Island, as it is secluded and sheltered by 4 small islands Tajnik, Moračnik, Ovrata and Kobrava.

The bay is very popular among sailors and yachtsman who anchor there to spend the night. 

Day 6

From Polače to Island Šipan

The last full day of the islands cruises you will continue your journey back with one final stop on island Šipan.

Sipan is the largest island in the well known Elaphiti archipelago in Croatia.

The island was known as a favourite getaway for rich Dubrovnik families during the 15th century.

We recommend you to rent a bike and explore as much as you can.


Day 7

From Šipan back to Dubrovnik

On the final day of your sailing holiday, you will head back to the marina.

Make sure you stop for a quick swim at islands Lopud and Koločep in case you’ve missed the in the first days.

When you get back to base, and before you leave to the airport, be sure to take one more stroll through Dubrovnik streets and soak in the view from city walls.

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