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everything you need to know prior to booking a yacht charter vacation in croatia

Do I need sailing credentials to rent a boat?

You need a valid sailing license to rent a boat in Croatia. When you rent a yacht this way, it is called a “bareboat charter”. Alternatively, you can book a skipper in case you don’t have a sailing license or prefer a hands-off approach during your sailing holiday. Usually, some larger yachts over 50 feet require a dedicated crew, and chartering those yachts is called “crewed charter”.

When is the best season and weather for sailing in Croatia?

The sailing season in Croatia lasts from April to mid-November, with the high season stretching from June to August. Yacht charter prices vary depending on your desired sailing dates and they go up as you choose dates closer to the high season. Weather in Croatia in September and May are ideal for those who prefer to enjoy some peace and quiet at the harbours, while the air and sea temperatures remain enjoyable and the bays and secluded creeks aren’t as crowded.

How do I get to marina if I am arriving with airplane? when should i be there?

You can order a transfer to the marina while making sailing holiday reservation. We will pick you up at your arriving terminal and take you directly to the base where the base staff will continue the care for you. After you're finished with all of the paperwork, the check-in process will take place after which you are ready to sail out. Check-in process in Croatia usually starts on Saturdays at 5 PM.

Top 5 cool tips & Facts you should know about yachting


pack your bags lightly

Although the boat has all the facilities as a standard suite, the space for personal belongings is somewhat limited. We advise you to pack lightly and carry only necessarily, do not pack in suitcases but in duffle bags that are much easier to store after you have packed.


Cooking aboard

If you don't plan to eat at restaurants every day, the ship's kitchen is big enough to cook a meal for the whole crew without any problems. Boats usually have all of the kitchen utensils you might need. You just need to get in touch with your inner chef.


Can I charge my mobile phone on board?

Yes. You may use the 12V charger (car charger) while sailing or plug into the power outlets of the yacht while connected to shore power in the marinas. You will probably be taking a lot of photos and videos so make sure you bring a car charger and preferably a powerbank with you.


Pets are welcome!

Pets are welcome on most boats in Croatia and this usually requires the payment of an additional fee in the amount of approx. 150 euros. Let us know if you are taking your pet so we can give you more accurate information about the extra cost.


Are there life vests and other safety equipment on board?

All sailing yachts chartered with Bowlyne Yacht Charter exceed Croatian Health and Safety laws concerning safety equipment. This includes approved safety vests, harnesses, life raft, VHF, lighted buoys, distress signals, fire extinguishers, and more.

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