Yacht charter holidays in croatia

Sailing Holidays in Croatia: Book a Yacht Charter

Sailin holidays in croatia for family and friends

The beautiful architecture, stunning beaches and pleasant year-round weather have kept Croatia on many an avid traveller’s bucket list.

What makes Croatia the best sailing destination in the world?

Nestled right on the coast of southeast Europe is Croatia, one of the best sailing destinations in the world. The country’s coastline spans more than 2,000km along the Adriatic Sea, whose waters are home to more than 1,000 islands. The beautiful architecture, stunning beaches and pleasant year-round weather has kept Croatia on many an avid traveler’s bucket list. Yacht charters in Croatia are especially popular. With the country’s islands being so close together along the main coastline, sailing is much safer as traveling long distances is not necessary and the winds are much milder compared to other popular sailing destinations.

Where to Sail in Croatia?
Dalmatian Coast

The Dalmatian Coast, located in southern Croatia, is by far the country’s most popular sailing region and is perfect for first-time visitors. Decorated with historic cities, secluded beaches, and other hidden gems, Dalmatia is a true nautical paradise. Dalmatia is also known for its nightlife and wide selection of local restaurants and hotels.
Most people spend a week sailing to and from Croatia’s most popular islands including Hvar, Vis, Korcula, and Brac. Sailing the Dalmatian Coast is the perfect family holiday as the islands have a variety of activities for visitors of all ages. It’s important to note, however, Dubrovnik and Split, located along the Dalmatian Coast are popular stops for cruise ship docking during August and July.

Istria Peninsula

Located along the northern coast of Croatia is the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea: Istria. Formerly belonging to Italy in the early to mid-1900s, the peninsula boasts Italian-inspired culture, cuisine and language. The peninsula’s coastal towns such as Rovinj, Pula and Porec are popular tourist destinations during the hotter months.
Unlike the Dalmatian Coast, Istria is more scenic and less travelled as it does not have a wild nightlife of wide selection of hotels. However, between island hopping, you’ll have the chance to visit small towns, eat local cuisine and explore the inland country with wine tastings and cycling tours. If you’re looking to truly experience Croatian culture during your sailing holiday, Istria is perfect for you.

The Best Time to Sail in Croatia

Croatia’s official sailing season is from April to October. However, June to September are by far the busiest months for sailing holidays as the weather is hot and the water is warm. If you’re looking to book your holiday in the busy season, you should keep in mind that marinas and hotels will fill up quickly and likely raise their prices as a result.

The months of April, May, and October are recommended for those looking for a relaxing sailing holiday. The weather, while not the hottest, is still ideal for sailing and cruise ship season has yet to begin, which means smaller crowds. Are you ready to book your sailing holiday in Croatia? At Bowlyne Yacht Charter, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best Croatian sailing experience. Learn more about us and our available yacht charter types.

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