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Top things to do when visiting vis aboard a yacht

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everything you need to know before arriving to spectacular Island Vis

an island of rich historical heritage, military secrets dating back to the Roman Empire, pleasant climate and beautiful bays

Yacht charters in Split area on their first day ussualy departure toward Island Vis, since it is only 24.3 nautical miles distanced from the mainland. The island's surface is 90.3 km2, and the total length of the coastline is 77 km. Island Vis is surrounded by numerous smaller islands, like Biševo, Budikovac, Brusnik, Jabuka, Ravnik, Svetac and others. The climate on the island is Mediterranean meaning the weather is suitable for renting a boat from April, all the way to middle November. Vis is exposed to stronger winds than the neighboring islands, which makes it an ideal for sailing and exploring.

How to Effectively spend time on island Vis with a chartered yacht?

Vis has so much to offer and it is no wonder that it usually takes up two or more days of yachtees sailing holidays. When you spend the night on a berth or buoys in the town of Vis, be sure to plan to wake up the next morning as early as possible to catch the fishing huts that bring in the fresh catch and stock up on fresh fish for lunch. Once you have stocked up on all the groceries, you can start exploring the island and finding your favorite bay for swimming and lunch.

What are the best spots to safely spend a night on a boat while visiting Vis?

Vis has a handful of bays to choose from and many of them are suitable for spending a night on anchor, if the weather allows it.​ But since the winds can be very strong we advize that you always go to town of Vis, or Komiža and spend a night on berth or buoy.

Top 5 places to explore while visiting Island Vis


Explore many ship and plane wrecks and popular military locations

If you are an experienced diver, then the underwater world surrounding Vis will definitely delight you. One of the most popular activities for divers is exploring the wreckage of a plane that crashed in 1944 whose exterior is in excellent condition and the outline can be seen from afar. If you are not prone to diving then be sure to explore the numerous shelters for warships cut deep into the island.


Enjoy the beauties of the Blue Cave while listening to a live concert by a local klapa.

On the south side of Vis is located island Biševo. The eastern side of this little island hides the world famous Blue cave. As its name suggests, the cave is overwhelmed with a dark blue hue that makes such a mystical atmosphere. That phenomena is due to the sunrays that reflect on the cave's bottom and color the water blue, while objects in the water remain silver. You can visit blue cave with your chartered boat but we recocomend to use one of the local services rent-a-guide and boat services to take you there since it will save you allot of time.


Anchor at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world - Stiniva

The island is surrounded by beautiful beaches and one of the most beautiful is certainly Stiniva. Carved into the high rocky shore, it is almost impossible to approach it in any other way than by boat. So you can expect big crowds in the middle of the day when many chartered yachts are looking for their place at anchor.


Enjoy the finest lobster and finest of Mediterranean cuisine whilein Komiža

When you spend the night in Komiža, be sure to try the famous Komiža bread, which goes perfectly with anchovies, homemade cheese and homemade red wine from the local cooperative of winemakers. For lovers of lobster and seafood specialties, the inevitable stop is Konoba Jatožera. In the immediate vicinity of the boats moored on buoys, boaters are brought into the tavern with dinghies, and the walls of this tavern are splashed every now and then by waves.


Explore many other natural beauties worth seeing

Besides the Blue cave, there are quite few other caves worth of your time. The green cave at Ravnika and Kraljičina cave on Vis, and from the historical sights there is Tito's cave, a monument to the dead sailors in, one of many, historical battle at Visa.

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